7 out of every 10 cartoon dwarfs prefers Jamieson’s Raspberry Ale

The modern advertising world loves a scandal.  If you make something a bit risque or edgy then the hits on the website or the views of the video on YouTube go through the roof.  Hopefully it goes viral and the brand exposure out does any negative press that you may get.

Victorian micro Jamieson Brewery seemed to have decided to give this strategy a go.

The Herald Sun and The Tele have both reported that Jamieson’s new marketing strategy for its Raspberry Ale, devised by advertising agency The Foundry,  has run foul of the folks at Disney.  Apparently Walt’s old mob were not impressed that the campaign features a character named Ho White who hangs out, semi naked and looking positively post coital with a number of dwarfs who have names such as Filthy, Smarmy and Randy.

A modern interpretation?

A modern interpretation?

The campaign received some advance publicity on B&T which reported that it would revolve around a website called anythingbutsweet.com.au. The site was expected to go live on the 7th of October and it may have done so but right now it is has been disabled.

All Ale The Big V decided today to prove that all of those hours at uni learning how to be a journo were not wasted.  We would find out exactly what was happening.

First up we rang the brewery and were told, “Sorry but all of that is being handled by The Foundry. Speak to Michael, he’ll be able to help you.”

Then we rang Michael McConville the senior account manager at The Foundry.  The best we got was a “Sorry but I can’t comment on that.”  He sounded like a man who was a touch incredulous at the fuss that had occurred.

Surely Disney would clear things up.  The nice lady in Sydney told me that it was being handled by the Hong Kong office.  Unfortunately dear reader All Ale The Big V‘s budget doesn’t extend to international calls so we sent an email.  5 hours later there has been no reply.

So just to sum up what we have learnt from a day of research – “No comment.”

I hope that clears it up for everyone.

Some observations though.

Here is a cached page of what the campaign was going to be.  If anybody can get their hands on one of those shirts then let me know because I don’t think they will ever see the light of day commercially.  The Foundry have also removed Jamieson from their client list on the site.

And this is how the Hollywood North Report told the yarn. I love the headline.  So do they have an Aussie sub who is still laughing about how they got to write that or is it just unintentionally funny?

Finally to the angry mob that has formed on the Tele’s comments page.  This is just one of many that accuses Jamieson of stealing childhoods from kiddies.

How dumb and cheap does Jamieson’s have to be. No wonder kids are so screwed in the heads these days. Now from birth they will see things like this, which is to say the least irresponsible.

It will be interesting to see how many I sell in the shop tomorrow.  I’ll let you know.

2 responses to “7 out of every 10 cartoon dwarfs prefers Jamieson’s Raspberry Ale

  1. Have had a huge response from potential Raspberry Ale drinkers to this post on my blog as well! Stick it up ’em I say!

    The Brother’s Grimm wrote the tale and I am pretty sure that there is no copyright issue from that angle. If anyone at Diznee Evil Empires, Inc thinks that she looks anythig like their Snow White then maybe they’ve had one to many ales!

    And as for stealing our children’s innocence?!? Spare me!

    Prof. Pilsner

  2. Not a big fan of the beer itself but love what they are doing with their packaging and positioning. Particularly like the Beast packaging. As for Ho White, it’s a funny piss take…good on ’em.

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